Frolo Mum’s Holiday – Single Mums Lake Garda Travels

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When frolo and single parent of two, Hannah realised frolo, Jane was planning to travel to the same spot at Lake Garda, her holiday was made. Hannah and Jane share their insights on camping and tips to making the most out of a Frolo holiday with their under 10s.

Lake Garda camping – ideal for single parents either solo or with frolos.

Embarking on a Frolo holiday

Hannah and Jane had met through a Frolo Meetup a few years ago and had met a number of times at Frolo meals and coffee dates, but they did not know each other that well and their children had not spent time together before.

So it was sheer chance and a lot of Frolo serendipity when Hannah mentioned her holiday plans to Jane. It turned out that Jane was planning to be in the same campsite resort for several days and their holidays would overlap.

For Hannah, it was set to be her first solo single parent holiday with her two children – and she was a little apprehensive. Both Hannah and Jane had had some solo staycations before, but taking the kids abroad alone was new. It was also Jane’s first time planning a holiday abroad with her 6 year old son.

Highly recommended Lake Garda campsite

Hannah and Jane stayed at one of over 20 family friendly campsites on Lake Garda. With several small villages nearby to walk to, the lakeside location was perfect for swims in the lake and the pool. The resort offered nice restaurants and a water park and amusement park nearby to keep the children entertained. Hannah’s son went to a football camp every day and had a ball with other kids his age. Hannah and Jane loved how family friendly Italy was and enjoyed the mix of evening entertainment and activities for children.

Jane shared  “You could go there on your own and meet people if you wanted to – you don’t need to go in a group. It’s very family friendly and people are very warm.”

Frolo holidays really make it for the kids

Neither Hannah nor Jane like the idea of group trips and both shared that they’d actively avoid a holiday in a big group. Having company for the children “really made the holiday” according to Hannah. “The kids got on well despite being different ages and having another child in the mix with twins made it more diverse.”

Open communication is the key to Frolo holiday success

What Hannah loved about this holiday – apart from the company – was that they each understood that the other liked “doing their own thing”. They got together in the evenings and enjoyed the entertainment but each day was different and adapted to the kids’ needs.

Having a small group worked really well. We got on so well. We’d met before but really got to know each other and became great friends. This was to be my first solo holiday with the kids – as I’d always gone with family or friends before. Looking back now, I would definitely not have enjoyed it as much – it really made the holiday having Jane there”. Hannah, Frolo

“There were risks involved but had been clear about the type of people we were and how we liked doing our own thing.” Jane, Frolo

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