Frolo Meetups: Single Parent Group Activities with Kids

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Aoife Desmond is a single mum and co-parent to a teen. She has been separated over four years and is a Frolo founding ambassador. She shares how Frolo Meetups have helped her and her daughter.

The first Meetup I ever attended was one I’d helped organise at the Explorium in Dublin – it felt like a great place for younger children, babies and teens as the space has group activities for all ages. It was my first time meeting Irish frolos so it was a bit daunting. I put up some signs in the café and waited for frolos to trickle in. We had a fantastic turn out with single mums and single dads of teens to toddlers meeting, connecting and sharing experiences and support. Many of these frolos have gone on to become firm friends for life and even gone on frolo holidays. I count several of them amongst my nearest and dearest friends.

Group activities for single parents

Since that first Meetup, I’ve organised a couple of hikes in the mountains to ring in the New Year, Sunday hikes with the little ones and playdates. As someone who managed to heal through the loneliness of separation and divorce thanks to Frolo, I’m thrilled to now see hundreds of Irish frolos connected. The last Meetup shared in the app was a fabulous dinner with frolos from all across Leinster making their way to the city to connect and get support. It was especially great to meet more single mums of teens and plan frolo holidays and weekends away with the kids.

Take your first step towards a Frolo Meetup

If you haven’t yet made the step to join a Meetup or you are the first person in your area to consider doing so, I would highly encourage you to take this first step. While I remember being nervous no-one would show up, I could see so many attendees in the app, I had a good sense it would all work out. When I had covid, it was my frolos who dropped off care packages, who checked in daily to see how I was. If I hadn’t taken the initiative to create a Meetup, I’d have never had these experiences and the enriching support of frolos.

Check out Frolo Meetups near you or create your own in the app.