Frolo Meetups: Birmingham Weekender

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Scotty, a single dad and frolo shares his experience of his first Frolo Meetup. Daunting at first, he soon made friendships for life via the app.

My first official Frolo Meetup was for the big weekender in Birmingham (adults only). To say I was nervous was a massive understatement as I didn’t want to be on my own. I should never have been at all.  The main organiser, Amy hosted multiple zoom calls before the event and allowed for us to discuss plans and let the frolos get to know each other.

I originally joined these calls with no intention of actually going. However the friendly faces and the welcome I got every single time I joined the zoom call, made me feel really included. Many laughs later – and a little Dutch courage – I found myself on the web searching for a hotel room for the evening. I bit the bullet and just did it.

I think one of the memories of the weekend was the major train strikes. I wondered if anyone could turn up, but some frolos offered lifts and others dodged the trains the best they could. This optimised the spirit of what Frolo is about – helping each other out and ensuring everyone is okay.

With a meeting point being set at Baked in Brick, I remember first walking in. I don’t think I’ve received so many hugs and handshakes from essentially strangers!  First, there were 4 and that grew to 8, then 16. Before we knew it, the Frolo takeover was on! Before the evening was finished, I found myself invited to a board game afternoon at a local café as well and an escape room too!

On Saturday, the Frolo takeover grew even more. A trip to the Jam House and Pop World are memories that will live with me for a long time. I remember dancing to High School Musical and doing the YMCA with people I’d only met in person 24 hours before. Then let’s not forget the big inflatable balls, the sunglasses and inflatable guitars.  

A special mention to my frolo roommate that weekend, who is now my closest friend. Thank you for taking care of me and making sure there were plenty of cups of tea – and plenty of laughs too. Let’s not forget the lack of a teaspoon either and sacrificing your pen, so we could have a decent brew. This is now immortalised with a spoon that needs to come to every meet-up we attend together.

I’d like to thank everyone who came, helped me let my hair down and have a fun-packed weekend.

If anyone is in doubt, they should just do it. It’ll be a welcoming experience and you’ll meet some truly fantastic people who will go from strangers to friends. I’ve already booked for Leeds 2022, MK 2023 and York 2023 – so maybe I’ll see you there?

If you’re curious like Scotty was, why not take that first step and sign up for a Frolo meet-up simply by opening the Frolo app now.